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Storefront Design

A start to finish Amazon Storefront Design service - from wireframing, to design, writing and installation

Getting started is easy, just click "Get Started" and tell us a little about your project so we can give you a quote.

Prices start at $997 for a two page storefront

Fully managed by us

MarketSync Process Included

BOOM Factor Design Included

Installed by our team

check Creative Direction

check Professionally-designed

check Includes infographics

check Includes digital lifestyle

check Creative Direction

check Professionally-designed

check Includes infographics

check Includes digital lifestyle



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MarketSync Process

Boom Factor Design System

Storefront Mockup

Includes Homepage and Product Page

Additional Pages Can Be Purchased

Includes Installation

Mobile Friendly Design

Have Graphic Rhythm design a beautiful and engaging Amazon Storefront using our MarketSync Process and Boom Factor Design System.

An Amazon Storefront is a great place to engage with bottom of the funnel buyers who want to know more about your brand and shop the different products you have to offer.

Our Storefront Service includes not only design and copywriting, but our team will actually install the entire storefront for you!

Included with the base price is one homepage and one product page, additional pages can be added if needed for an additional fee.

The MarketSync Process

MarketSync is the Graphic Rhythm proprietary process for diving deep on the pain points, desires, fears and aspirations of your target market. It synchronizes the messaging of your images, A+ content, storefront, Amazon posts and so on with your target markets stage of awareness.

We analyze your product and your competitors, pour through reviews and listings, and uncover: What do people love? What do they hate? What are they confused about?

But that's just the beginning.

To understand your prospect on a deeper level, we perform a transformation analysis that demonstrates who your product helps your prospect become.

This powerful analysis is used to position your product as not just a solution to a problem, but an agent of change in a prospects life.

Combined, the MarketSync process breaks down conversion inhibitors, busts objections wide open, and sets the stage for our design team to hit a home run that results in more sales for you or your client.

MarketSync includes our research phase, conversion optimized copywriting, image goal setting and sequencing, and art direction.

Analyze marketplace opportunities

The first step is to analyze what is happening in the market right now. This means reviewing your competitors, reviewing your current listing (if applicable), and pouring over Amazon reviews.

During the marketplace analysis we want to answer three important questions: What do people LOVE, what do people HATE, what are people confused about?

Transformation analysis

This powerful step beams our copywriting team directly into the brains of your target market and helps them understand WHO your product helps the target market BECOME.

We look at 5 dimensions of transformation: What do people have, what do they feel, how does it effect their every day life, what is their status among peers, what do they believe about the world?

The transformation analysis sets us up for emotionally engaging copywriting and graphic design

Message synchronization

Buyers need to hear different messages at different strategic points of your "funnel" - in other words, as they progress through the marketing stages of awareness their information and emotional needs change.

Message synchronization sequences the messaging of your Amazon imagery so it communicates the correct sales messages at the exact moment that the consumer needs to hear it.

Unique selling proposition

Your unique selling proposition, or USP is one of the most fundamentally crucial parts of your sales messaging.

Some of our clients already have a well defined USP, some of them don't have one at all. Regardless, it's required.

In this step, our team beefs up your USP and analyzes your competition to uncover your key marketplace differentiator.

Goal setting and art direction

The next step of the MarketSync process is goal setting and art direction. We combine everything we've learned in the process so far with your product features, benefits and specifications and actual voice of consumer data.

We set image goals for each of the images or panels in your project to ensure that we are hitting all of the major points, and then provide art direction to the design team

Conversion copywriting

The final step of the MarketSync Process is to write the copy! Our copywriters focus on a conversion copywriting method - This method of copywriting eschews flowery words, and proper English in order to focus on one thing: Say things that get conversions

Backed up by the powerful research process and data we've collected, our copy team crafts powerful messages that bust objections and eliminate conversion inhibitors so that you imagery is built to sell!

BOOM Factor Design System

Good design or bad design? Can you describe the difference? Chances are, you know it when you see it, but it's hard to describe what separates the weak from the mighty.

Our Boom Factor Design System codifies great design that is fully optimized to engage and get a prospect to ACT.

Developed over years of designing ecom Imagery and honed across 3000+ Amazon images, the BFDS combines everything we have learned into a powerful set of standards that set your Amazon and ecommerce images apart from your competition.

Before your designs go out the door, they are checked for 5 strategic qualities that give an image BOOM factor.

Is the copywriting front and center?

It breaks our designers hearts every time they hear it, but copy is more important than design. Every single time you engage a viewer on Amazon with an image, it's an opportunity to SELL.

The first quality of a BOOM Factor image is: Does it prioritize the copywriting so that it is easy to read and understand?

Is the design emotionally engaging?

Your prospect needs to emotionally engage with your product and your brand. Imagery is a powerful way to do that.

Does your prospect need to feel a gritty sense of rugged individualism and struggle for your fitness product?

Do they need to feel cozy, relaxed and stress free for your tea product?

Nailing emotional engagement is the second key factor in BOOM Factor Design

Is there a clear and intentional visual hierarchy?

A visual hierarchy directs the viewers eye so that they are engaging with the design in a highly intentional way.

Should they engage with the lifestyle image first and then read the headline? Or should they read the headline first?

Is there eyebrow copy that is meant to read second?

How are design features grouped and do they compete for attention with more important marketing messages?

The key here is not only to make sure there is a visual hierarchy, but that it is an intentional one and that the designer is totally in control of the consumers eye gaze pattern.

Is the design harmonized and more than the sum of its parts?

"Design, Don't Decorate" is a popular refrain in the design industry. The point is that a highly effective graphic design has several key elements that work together to elevate the effectiveness and engagement of the design.

Excessive decoration, competing design features, off brand imagery all gets squashed here.

The fourth factor in BOOM Factor design is a harmonized design that elevates the design overall rather than dragging it down

Is the design visually engaging and easy to consume?

The final Factor in BOOM Factor design is: Is it eye catching?

Ecom imagery is ALL advertising. To qualify for BOOM Factor, a design needs to be attractive, engaging and get the viewers attention.

In addition, it needs to be easy to consume. That means there are no confusing design elements or hard to view images used in the design.

The more engaging a design is, and the easier it is for a prospect to consume, the more likely they are to smash that "Buy Now" button!

MarketSync Process

Boom Factor Design System

Storefront Mockup

Includes Homepage and Product Page

Additional Pages Can Be Purchased

Includes Installation

Mobile Friendly Design