Graphic Rhythm is a full stack graphic design agency that specializes in helping digital agencies serve their clients with beautiful and carefully crafted graphic design.

Our services are geared to help you achieve your design goals no matter what they may be - from the every day daily designs that come from running a marketing agency, to big design projects like overhauling your Amazon marketplace catalog to specialty services like helping you or your client craft a new visual identity.



Our small group of clients quickly grew into dozens of clients that needed much more from us than just t-shirt designs.  

We found ourselves creating social media graphics, ebooks, lead magnets, logos - you name it!

We knew we needed to rise to the occasion but felt that an "unlimited" model was misleading - most unlimited services limited you in some way, either by the production speed or number of active requests... we felt there had to be a better way.  

When we started Daily Design we opted for a design credit model: a simple and transparent way to know how far your dollars were really going. Our clients loved that they knew exactly what they were paying for and could count on us to produce designs as quickly as possible.


Specialists in imagery for amazon marketplace

Getting your head around images for the Amazon marketplace can be challenging - but we have a secret weapon: Graphic Rhythm founder Ian Bower owns a 7- figure Amazon selling and brand management business and is an expert at conversion optimized images.

When requests started pouring in from private label sellers, wholesale sellers and brand managers we knew it was time to dive in and help sellers of all stripes create optimized images that combine brand focused graphics, conversion optimized copy and knowledge of the Amazon marketplace.  

We've produced over 3,000 conversion optimized images

for our clients which they have used to successfully launch hundreds of products on Amazon.



Logos are a complicated subject. Our clients seemed to be telling us two things: In the first case they were saying  "A logo is basically just a graphic design, I don't want to pay a lot of money for it" and on the other hand they were saying "A logo is personal and I need a personal approach to having one made"  

We could meet the needs of the first client, but now it was time to meet the needs of the second.

We looked at all of the most frustrating things about a logo design process including:

  • How personal (or impersonal) other services were.
  • What information we needed to create a truly personal experience.
  • What support we could provide to our clients so they had what they needed to take their logo and do something with it.

The service package we created was called Dream Brand and included everything a business owner would need to get started with their visual identity.  

It was personal, affordable and delivered all of the key graphics like a Logo, Visual identity, and Daily Design... But we weren't done...


about custom projects?

Throughout our history, one of the persistent pain points of our clients has been: I don't know how to work with a designer, please help me.

We strive to solve this problem with education (for both our design team and clients) but sometimes you just want a creative team to take over your project and manage the whole thing for you.  

You want a specialist, a creative director, someone who speaks your language and the language of design.

We have always risen to the challenge of custom projects. From designing storefronts for, to massive projects with hundreds of deliverables, to custom packaging.

We knew we needed to let our clients turn over a design project to us in a way that was affordable, personal and easy... we call it IdentityX.

IDX replaced Dream Brand and took it to a new level. Much more than a logo service, IDX is an open invitation to bring us whatever you're struggling with so we can design it the way you envision it.



Graphic Rhythm is constantly evolving, we have several top secret projects under development and we are persistent in our goal of being the only place you need to go for great design: No matter where your business is.

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